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Our monthly running cost

Between all our foster moms, we have at any given time between 15 to 25 kittens and 4 to 8 adults cats every month, plus we also have our Gabriel Homes residents cats, all this means that we have a substantial monthly budget to cover the following:

  • Food

  • Vet treatment

  • Flea and deworming treatments

  • Cat Litter

  • Medicines

  • Basic running cost 

  • Saying goodbye with dignity for our Gabriel Homes residents cats

  • and second vaccines when cats or kittens are not adopted 30 days after initial first vaccine.

Bank: Standard Bank

Account name: Sharon's Foster Furries

Account number: 10143487084

Account type: Cheque account

Branch code for EFT: 051001.

Ref: Ref: Your name/SFF

For email confirmation:


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