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We need your help

Between all our foster moms, we have at any given time between 15 to 25 kittens and 12 adults cats or older kittens every month, plus we also have our Gabriel Homes residents cats, all this means that we have a substantial monthly budget to cover the following:

  • Food

  • Vet treatment

  • Flea and deworming treatments

  • Cat Litter

  • Medicines

  • Basic running cost 

  • Saying goodbye with dignity for our Gabriel Homes residents cats

  • and second vaccines when cats or kittens are not adopted 30 days after initial first vaccine plus yearly vaccinations of our Gabriel Cats.

We have 4 PILLARS for our sustainability:

  • Monthly Donations for FFR &GF

  • Godparents for our Resident Gabriel Cats

  • Our Yearly Fundraisers Events & FFR Calendar

  • BackaBuddy Yearly Appeal


Bank: Standard Bank

Account name:  Sharon's Foster Furries

Account number:  10143487084

Account type:  Cheque account

Branch code for EFT:  051001.

Ref: Your name/GF

or Ref: Your name/FFR

  • Gabriel Fund for destitute cats (GF)

  • FFR mommy cats & kittens (FFR)

BaB payment options.jpg

BackaBuddy offers all the options below

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