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Foster Furry Rescue

FOSTER FURRY RESCUE 260-746 NPO/ PBO 930077037:
We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home of cats and kittens mainly in a home environment. We are based in the South Peninsula.


Gabriel, was the reason Cecilia approached Sharon Petersen and offered to start an organisation to support her rescue work and to start the Gabriel Fund and later on Gabriel Homes..

Denise Hardy and Bev Kelly together with Sharon Petersen and Cecilia Rosas Fuentes were the founding members. Sharon Petersen's home and Shanaaz Eggington's home were to two initial Gabriel Homes.

As SFF grew during it's first 4 years a change of name was needed that reflected the growth of our organisation and the team that we have become these past 4 years. So in 2023 we were delighted to present the evolution of our name: Foster Furry Rescue.

We are a group of Foster Moms and Dads with a community that supports our work and who loves cats. We are all volunteers, and from our homes we socialising and re-home kittens and their mommies and adult cats.

We are a pro-life cat rescue organisation that provides veterinary care, medicines, food and parasite prevention (fleas and deworming treatments) for all our cats and kittens. And we maintain our two home based Gabriel Homes for older cats or cats suffering from FIV.

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