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Gabriel Homes

The Gabriel Homes has been one of our most cherished projects. From the very beginning we wanted to fulfill our promise to our dear Gabriel that to the best of our abilities, we would help other destitute cats like him who were in dire situation. 

Dora the explorer, this golden girl came to us in April 2019, she was around 15 years old and tested positive for FIV. She was the impulse to start our 1st Gabriel Home for FIV+ Cats. Since then thanks you to the incredible generosity of Shanaaz and Steve we added a second Gabriel Home, where we built a window catio and tunnels that connect it with a large outside catio.


Since then, we have 3 more families who offered their homes to our FIV+ cats, as indoor cats only.

The Gabriel Homes are not shelters but actual homes, where either the whole house or part of it give our Golden Oldies and FIV+ cats a wonderful place to live  for the rest of their lives secure, well care and surrounded by human love. 

​We are forever in gratitude to all the families who have become part of this initiative.

When the time comes to say goodbye, it will be done with dignity and  love, they will come back home.

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