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TNR & Feral Cats

Feral cat populations are growing due to abandonment of cats and kittens (usually unsterilised).  Thanks to the amazing team from Feral Cat Project Cape Town we are continuing with our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return).


After sterilization, feral adult cats will be released back to their environment, unless the trapped cat is tamed (lost or abandoned pet). Feral kittens that can be tamed are taken in by one of our foster moms and then  adopted out in our normal way.

During 2020 from July to November we ran a Sterilisation Drive in Mitchell Plain. Thanks to the support of our donors, support from local cats owners, local cat rescue friends, like Shahieda Easton, Junaid Hoosain, Vanessa Goedhals and to the amazing Feral Cat Project Cape Town, we sterilised close to 100 cats, mostly females. Special thanks to Adrian Petersen who for the first 3 months of the Sterilisation Drive drove twice to and from Mitchell Plain every Thursday collecting and the bringing back the cats. Much thanks  to Sharon Petersen for starting this initiative and now  since 2021 to Alison May for carry on with our TNR.



The first slide, shows  Thomas when he was trapped as a semi feral kitten, we worked with him to tame him, and he and his sister Ella where adopted together. The second slide, shows Thomas as a happy, loving big boy is his furever home.

The other slides show our trapping in action and Mitchell Plain Sterilisation Drive. The last slide is the face of an unsterilised tom cat.

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