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Stories of Hope

These stories of hope are dedicated to all who believed in these cats and gave them a chance. To all who saw their fear and broken souls or damaged bodies or even their physical "imperfections", but who saw much more than that and who offered them a place in their hearts and homes.

This page is above all dedicated to ALL  our FB friends who since 15 of May 2018 have supported us selflessly in so many ways and who have believed in each of these cats. Believed that they deserved a chance, that they should experience love, especially the friends who answered the Gabriel Fund Appeals to cover their vets, physio or acupuncture cost. You are the heroes behind these miracles. All this would not have been possible without Sharon’s “never say no” attitude when it is about saving a life, giving a chance to a cat in need. 


Beyond all that we could do, we acknowledge the blessing, the grace we and they have received. 



Freddie - the little miracle boy

Chrissie - we did what we could, God performed the miracle

Dora - our dearest Dora the explorer

Jinxy - you bring us endless happiness

Leo - you suffered so much... all is well now

Pablo -  FIV+, no one has a soul as beautiful as yours

Brooke - your mom saw your beauty despite initial condition

James - you are here because Sharon wouldn't  give up on you

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