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Stories of Hope

These stories of hope are dedicated to their foster moms who believed in them and helped them healed; to our donors that helped us to gave them a chance; to all who saw their fear and broken souls or damaged bodies or their physical "imperfections" and pray and root for them, and to all who offered them a place in their hearts and homes and adopted them.

We acknowledge the blessings we have received.



Freddie - the little miracle boy

Chrissie - we did what we could, God performed the miracle

Dora - our dearest Dora the explorer

Jinxy - you bring us endless happiness

Leo - you suffered so much... all is well now

Pablo -  FIV+, no one has a soul as beautiful as yours

Brooke - your mom saw your beauty despite initial condition

James - you are here because Sharon wouldn't  give up on you

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