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Our goals

Our main objective is to be a pro-life cat rescue organisation that:

  • Rescue, foster, rehabilitate, socialise and rehome cats and kittens

  • To be able to provide veterinary care, sterilisation, medicines,  food and parasite prevention (fleas and deworming treatments) for all the cats and kittens in our care.

  • To maintain our home based Gabriel Homes for older cats or cats suffering from FIV.

  • To cover all the cost of fostering plus provide information and support  to all our  Foster Moms .

  • To provide information to the general public about cats and kittens care and sterilisation and help low income families with their cats sterilisation at welfare cost2

  • To fundraise and encourage monthly donations in order to sustain our work.

  • To do TNR (Trapping, Neutering, Returning of feral/stray cats) when possible.


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