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Stray Cats

We have in these last two and half years rehomed 1080 cats. Many of them were mommy cats and adult cats that were either surrendered to us or abandoned. Here we share the incredible transformations experienced by stray cats once they know they are safe and loved and after they have received proper veterinarian care. ​ All this is achieved through the donations towards our Gabriel Fund and an amazing team of foster moms.

Some stray cats are clearly lost pets or abandoned pets. But many are strays who we evaluate to see if they will be part our our TNR efforts or if they have potential to become pets. To foster a stray cat and to give him or her the possibility of a life as part of a family is a deed of love and requires much love and commitment. Specially with Tom Cats who may need months for their hormones to work their way out of the body after their sterilisation and their behaviour to change. 


To adopt a lost or abandoned  cat is to be part of a miracle. Please be part of this. They deserve a second chance.​



The Athlone Ranger - always majestic

Joshie - The one and only

Teddy - Just wanted to be home

Heathcliff - Utterly handsome

Aslan - Brave heart

Freddy - You endured so much, but stayed the sweetest boy

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