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Our Community

We have a small but committed and wonderful group of friends that support our work and who are passionate about animal rescue. This is one of the main reasons why we have been able to achieve what we have achieved. Foster Ferry Rescue has always been a community effort of a caring group of friend of similar heart & mind set who LOVE CATS.

  • Our Volunteers Foster Moms .

  • The steady, thoughtful work or our Management Committee.

  • Our Foster Furry Rescue Monthly and ad hoc donors who give us the foundation from what to built our sustainability.

  • To all the friends who these last six years have come up with creative initiatives to  fundraise.

  • And to the friends who follow  our FB group and who support our established yearly fundraisers and share our cats and kittens adoption posts.

  • To all who donate goods for our Online Sales and to the steady fast work done by Denise Hardy, Bev Kelly and Shanaaz  Eggington.

  • And finally to all the monthly and ad hoc supporters of our Gabriel Fund. Who have always responded promptly any and every time a  mayor procedure was needed to help  a destitute cat- THANK YOU!

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